1. All participants are expected to submit the proceedings for publication in Phosphorus, Sulfur, Silicon and the Related Elements. This has been a long tradition for ICPS-s.
    The length of the plenaries is not limited. Oral presentations including keynotes should be of maximum 8 template pages, and posters of maximum 2 template page.
    The new lay-out of this Journal includes larger pages. The deadline for submissions is Sept 15, 2018.
    docxPSSi ICPC 22 oral template 8 pages
    docxPSSi ICPC 22 poster template 2 pages

  2. Pure and Applied Chemistry the Journal of IUPAC again offered the possibility of publishing the full paper versions of the plenary and key-note lectures (also as minireviews).
    The deadline for submissions to Editor Prof. Dr High Burrows is Sept 30, 2018.

  3. Molecules a leading Open Access Journal offered the possibility of considering and accomodating a quality full papers in the "Organophosphorus Chemistry 2018" special issue.
    The deadline for submission is Sept 30, 2018."



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